Ecovacs N8 vs T8 AIVI: Which One is the Better Robot Vacuum?

In recent years, robot vacuums are becoming a favorite cleaning solution for households. They are perfect for busy houses since they can clean floors without human intervention.
In this article, we will compare two popular models from Ecovacs N8 vs T8 AIVI and guide you in choosing the most suitable choice for your house.

Ecovacs N8: A Closer Look at the Brand

Ecovacs N8

Ecovacs N8 is a robotic vacuum cleaner produced by Ecovacs, a well-known brand in the field of home automation. The Ecovacs N8 is an affordable robotic vacuum cleaner offering various features.

The Ecovacs N8’s silent functioning is one of its greatest benefits. The hoover cleaner is perfect for people who prefer a calmer cleaning experience because it makes less noise than other types.


  • Affordable price: The Ecovacs N8 is cheaper than the T8 AIVI, making it a more affordable option.
  • Quiet operation: The N8 produces less noise than the T8 AIVI, which is ideal for those who prefer a quieter cleaning experience.
  • Large dustbin: The N8 has a dustbin with a capacity of 600ml, which means you won’t have to empty it frequently.
  • Smart cleaning: The N8 can be controlled by voice commands or a smartphone app, which allows you to schedule cleaning times and customize the cleaning mode.


  • Limited mapping: The N8 needs advanced mapping capabilities and supports multi-floor mapping, so it may not be suitable for larger homes.
  • Short battery life: The N8 has only 110 minutes, which may need to be increased for larger homes.
  • No mopping function: The N8 lacks a mopping function, which means it cannot clean and mop floors simultaneously.

Ecovacs T8 AIVI: A Closer Look at the Brand

Ecovacs T8 AIVI

Ecovacs T8 AIVI is a robotic vacuum cleaner produced by Ecovacs, a leading brand in the field of home automation. This model is a more advanced version of the Ecovacs N8, with additional features that make it more efficient and convenient for homeowners.

The Ecovacs T8 AIVI is a more expensive model, but it offers a range of advanced features that justify its cost.

The vacuum cleaner uses advanced laser mapping technology and can support multi-floor mapping, making it ideal for larger homes. This feature allows the vacuum cleaner to navigate complex spaces and avoid obstacles, ensuring a thorough cleaning.


  • Advanced mapping: The T8 AIVI uses advanced laser mapping technology and can support multi-floor mapping, which makes it ideal for larger homes.
  • Long battery life: The T8 AIVI has a battery life of up to 180 minutes, which is longer than the N8 and makes it suitable for larger homes.
  • Mopping function: The T8 AIVI has a mopping function, which allows it to clean and mop floors simultaneously, making it more versatile than the N8.
  • AIVI Technology: The T8 AIVI is equipped with artificial intelligence and object recognition technology, which enables it to avoid obstacles and identify different objects for better cleaning.


  • Expensive price: The T8 AIVI is more expensive than the N8, making it less affordable for some users.
  • Small dustbin: The T8 AIVI has a dustbin capacity of 420ml, which means you may have to empty it more frequently.

Table Comparison of Ecovacs N8 and T8 AIVI

Before diving into the details, let’s briefly look at the features of Ecovacs N8 vs T8 AIVI.

FeaturesEcovacs N8Ecovacs T8 AIVI
Dimensions13.8 x 13.8 x 3.7 inches13.7 x 13.7 x 3.7 inches
Weight8.14 pounds7.28 pounds
Battery lifeUp to 110 minutesUp to 180 minutes
Suction power2300Pa2600Pa
Dustbin capacity570ml420ml
Noise level67 dB67 dB
NavigationSmart Navi 3.0TrueMapping
MappingYes, with laser technologyYes, with laser technology
Wi-Fi enabledYesYes
Voice controlCompatible with Alexa and Google AssistantCompatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
PriceAround $700Around $800

So, let’s compare these two models based on their significant features and overall performance.

Design and Build Quality

The designs of the Ecovacs N8 and T8 AIVI are both sleek and attractive. The T8 AIVI comes in black, white, and a special champagne gold hue, but the N8 is only offered in black and white.

The N8 is a bit taller and heavier than the T8 AIVI, although both versions have a similar circular shape.

Both models are constructed with high-quality components and are sturdy and reliable. The T8 AIVI has a glossy finish, whereas the N8 has a soft-touch feel. Both models come with a charging station and have easily removable dustbins and filters for cleaning.

Winner: Tie

Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

Suction Power and Cleaning Performance

The way it cleans and how powerful its suction is are two of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting a robot vacuum. With their strong suction abilities, the N8 and T8 AIVI can pick up dirt, dust, and other particles from carpets and hard surfaces.

The T8 AIVI has a 2600Pa suction power compared to the N8’s 2300Pa. This shows that larger particles and pet hair are better captured by the T8 AIVI than by the N8.

A high-efficiency filter that captures 99.97% of dust and allergens is included with both versions. The N8 is appropriate for houses with hard floors because it also features a mopping component that can be added to the vacuum’s base.

Winner: Ecovacs T8 AIVI

Navigation and Mapping

Robot vacuums must have the capacity to map and navigate. They enable the vacuum to move throughout your home in an organization and effectively. N8 and T8 AIVI from Ecovacs has cutting-edge navigation systems that employ laser technology to construct a house map.

The N8 features Smart Navi 3.0, which enables it to map out your house in great detail and avoid obstructions. It is perfect for multi-level homes because it has space for three distinct maps.

On the other hand, the T8 AIVI uses TrueMapping technology to deliver a more accurate and comprehensive map of your home. Shoes and toys can be recognized and avoided when they are on the floor.

With either, You can customize the cleaning areas by creating either model g virtual boundaries or no-go areas. Both models included Wi-Fi capabilities and connected with Alexa and Google Assistant, making operating the vacuum with voice commands simple.

Winner: Ecovacs T8 AIVI

Battery Life and Charging

Battery life is an important consideration when choosing a robot vacuum. The battery life on both devices is rather good. The N8 can run for up to 110 minutes before recharging, compared to the T8 AIVI’s maximum runtime of 180 minutes.

Compared to the N8, which takes four hours to fully charge, the T8 AIVI takes roughly six hours. For both variants, the vacuum will return to the dock to recharge when its battery is low.

Winner: Ecovacs T8 AIVI


The N8 vs T8 AIVI from Ecovacs is top-notch robot vacuums with cutting-edge features and efficient cleaning. Nevertheless, you’re looking for a vacuum with more suction power, more precise mapping technology, and longer battery life, and you don’t mind spending a little more. In that case, the Ecovacs T8 AIVI is the best choice.


Yes, TrueMapping technology is utilized by the T8 AIVI to detect and avoid obstructions on the floor.

The T8 AIVI has a 420 ml dustbin capacity compared to the N8's 570 ml garbage capacity.

Both versions of the charging port are present, and the vacuum will return to it when it needs to be recharged.

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