Car Rigging Swivel Clamps

If you’re in the film, photography, or automotive industry, you may have heard of car rigging swivel clamps. These essential tools help secure cameras, lights, and other equipment for cars or other vehicles to capture stunning footage or images.

The world of clamps will be explored in this article, along with all the information you require to use them for your forthcoming project.

What are car rigging swivel clamps?

Car rigging swivel clamps connect cameras, lights, or other equipment to a car or any other vehicle. They are essential for capturing dynamic footage in motion or getting a unique perspective from a moving vehicle.

Moreover, the clamps are available In different size and forms. They are constructed from strong components that can endure the stress caused by vehicle motion.

How Do Swivel Clamps for Car Rigging Work?

Clamps use magnetic or suction force to attach to the outside of the vehicle.

You can adjust the angle at which the mounted equipment is pointed for the desired shot thanks to the clamp’s swivel head. The clamp’s movable arm offers further equipment versatility.

car rigging swivel clamps guide

Why Are Car Rigging Swivel Clamps Important?

Car rigging swivel clamps are important for several reasons. Here are just a few:

  • Safety: Car rigging swivel clamps provide a secure connection point for rigging equipment, which helps prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Efficiency: Using clamps can make working on a car more efficient. However, they provide a stable and adjustable connection point for rigging equipment, making it easier to work on different car parts.
  • Versatility: Clamps are versatile and can be used for various applications.

Tips for Using Car Rigging Swivel Clamps

If you’re new to using car rigging swivel clamps, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right size clamp to meet your needs. Clamps come in different sizes, so make sure you choose the right one for the job at hand.
  • Use the clamp on a structural point on the car. This will provide a secure connection point for the rigging equipment.
  • Please make sure the clamp is securely tightened before using it. Preventing accidents will be easier this way.

Types of Car Rigging Swivel Clamps

Types of Car Rigging Swivel Clamps

The three basic categories of automobile clamps are suction cups, magnetic clamps, and screw clamps.

Suction cup clamps

Suction cup clamps are the most often used clamps. However, they establish a vacuum seal between the clamp and the car’s surface, securing a firm hold. Moreover, smooth surfaces like automobile roofs or windows are the finest candidates for these clamps.

Magnetic clamps

Magnetic clamps attach to the surface of a vehicle using strong magnets. However, These clamps work well on flat ferrous metal surfaces.

Screw clamps

SScrew clamps use screws to attach to a vehicle’s surface. However, These clamps work best for fastening equipment to the car’s body, like the fenders or doors.

Considerations For Selecting Car Rigging Swivel Clamps

Considerations For Car Rigging Swivel Clamps

To make sure you choose the proper clamp for your project, you must consider several things.

Weight capacity

The clamp’s weight capability is one of the most important factors to take into mind. Make sure the clamp can hold the weight of your equipment without giving way or separating from the vehicle.

Surface compatibility

The clamp’s compatibility with the surface must also be taken into account. While certain clamps are better suited for rough or uneven surfaces, others operate best on flat surfaces. Ensure your clamp is compatible with the surface on which it will be attached.


It is essential to make sure clamps are made of durable materials that can withstand wear and tear as they will be subjects to continuous movement and vibration.


The clamp’s flexibility should also be taken into mind. It would help to have a clamp that could change positions and angles to get the ideal shot.

Tips for using Car rigging swivel clamps

Tips for using Car rigging swivel clamps

Remember several tips to ensure a safe and successful project when using clamps.

Clean the surface

Make the surface completely clean for a strong hold before mounting the clamp to the car.

Check the clamp’s strength

Before attaching any equipment, it is crucial to determine the clamp’s strength. For example, put pressure on the clamp to make sure it stays in place.

Utilise safety cables

Always utilize safety cords to protect your equipment in case the clamp breaks or detaches to ensure its safety.

Be cautious of speed and wind.

Knowing the wind and speed conditions is crucial while utilizing clamps. High speeds or strong winds can cause the equipment to shift or detach.

Maintenance and Storage of Clamps

Your clamps must be carefully cared for and kept when not in use in order to preserve their lifespan. The clamps should be cleaned after each use and kept out of direct sunlight in a dry, cold location.

Best practices for Car Rigging

Best practices must be followed for a clamp project to be successful and safe.

Always utilize top-notch gear, and make sure it’s securely fastened to the car. Ensure that a backup strategy is also in place, just in case.

Benefits Of Employing Swivel Clamps For Car Rigging

With stationary cameras, Therefore, it would be impossible to get the kind of interesting, dynamic footage that can be obtained with clamps.

Also, thanks to the clamps’ versatility, you can move the equipment’s position and angle to get the ideal photo.

Disadvantages Of Employing Swivel Clamps For Car Rigging

The risk of equipment damage or harm if a clamp fails or detaches is one of the main drawbacks of employing clamps. Clamps can also be expensive and time-consuming to use.

Safety considerations

Safety must always come first while using clamps to prevent injury or damage to the equipment. Always utilize the best equipment and follow the recommended standards when fastening it in your car. However, Use safety cables and pay attention to the wind and speed conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Use a soft cloth or brush to clean the automobile rigging swivel clamps and remove any dirt or debris. The clamp can also be cleaned with a moderate soap and water mixture. Before storing the clamp, make sure it is completely dry.

No, it's crucial to consider the clamp's surface suitability before use. While certain clamps are better suited for rough or uneven surfaces, others work best on flat surfaces.

Yes, car rigging swivel clamps can be used on any type of car if there is a suitable structural point to attach them to.

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